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ExDox is the best place to get your work simplified and the best convenient way to take advantage of all the information from your company. Taking advantage of modern technologies, we have united a convenient way to keep all your records with great privacy and security controls.

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Document Management

Keep all of your invoices in a single access location. Invoices can be scanned in and categorized or using your phone they can be photographed and categorized that way. The best way is to have the Vendors submit the invoices directly where the invoices can be categorized, accepted or declined, paid or approved for payment. Once approved the accounting can access them and issue payment accordingly. Access to Invoices allows those with access to monitor the progress.

Sales data

Submit your pos/register data to a single source. Generate reports from the data, incorporate submitted inventory purchases as well as other expenses for a detailed picture of business progress.

Statistics reports sharing

Share statistics reports with similar locations within same company or any company (admin setup required) Promote competition and improve output among management Incorporate payroll data into reports for a more accurate reports and give even more accurate reports of the bottom line

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